B. “Our Philosophy”

“Our Philosophy,” includes a linear time travel, but it also involves an ongoing peripheral physical and spiritual journey.

But, why?

Simply put, because most folks don’t have much interest in, or time for, life that happens between the lines.

This is true, because wonderful events are happening by the moment.

Even between life flashes, and the pivotal life changing gifts…wonderful opportunities are too often being missed.

El Ow’Rah Arabians would like to contribute towards changing that, and share how the transitions experienced by the horses, the family and friends at El Ow’Rah Arabians, and associates we’ve meet along the way, have made a true difference in the quality of life.

It’s been a very colorful and sensational four(+) decades….established in 1968.

But, guess what…

“Our Philosphy,” is about you too: Our visitor, our guest, and a person who feels a genuine tug at the heart, when it comes to Arabian horses…

Believe me, you can be certain that such a heart felt magnetism, is not only realized by the most dedicated enthusiast, but by seekers at every level.

Such an attraction is truly a mystery to most folks.
So be truly assured, that you’re in very good company.

No matter when we began, or with what intensity we’ve travelled…a search for a deeper understanding and greater compatibility continues. Everyone shares, and the learning is ever present.

It’s such a mindset, that El Ow’Rah will strive to maintain, and support.

"Starting Early" Photo By Raynna Myers
“Starting Early” Photo By Raynna Myers

Some of us have the opportunity to begin life in Arabian horse country early.

Some of us have continued on, others have veer to different paths…but have often been known to return in later years to their dream of owning an Arabian horse.

But, no matter what age one might begin to turn a dream into a reality, the experience holds many benefits. And the pursuit always brings uniqueness to the goal.


Because the Arabian horse enthusiasts are artistic at heart.

You can also take great satisfaction: Because, just as the Arabian horse, you are also among the rare on this earth. (More about that fact later.)

So, this is our beginning, a first time virtual meeting…

A place where we hope to share and contribute a certain value towards Arabian horses, as well as sharing a meaningful life view, because from an enthusiast’s point-of-view, daily life and Arabian horses are linked.

This is a great spot to introduce a short break, a spot to rest in the virtual shade, while having an array of cool and natural living art splashed across your brain.

Your memory cells are going to LOve you for this treat.

Please allow me to share with you, a very relaxing- yet stimulating: Two (2) minute + video, which expresses our foundational love and enjoyment:

* Pleasure Riding The Arabian Horse On The Trail.

This video was produced by the very talented horseman: Diego Pelusas, as he rides an Arabian stallion in the highlands of Basque Country: Northern Spain.

We hope you enjoy this breath taking video, and then return, (For A Big Surprise) and complete your visit with us at: “Our Philosophy.”

Diego Pelusas Video: Here >Horse Trail Riding With Arabian Stud
Music ( “Lake Harriet”) by the talented Carrie Rodrigues of Austin, Texas

Welcome Back.

As you might have already sensed, when we discuss Arabian horses here, we always include important aspects about life, passion, and the journey.

We view Arabian horses as a living asset and a living work of art, which can contribute and grow every aspect of live, including a deeper and far reaching…sense of self.

All of this matters, because a life, the passion within it, and the journey forward, are all deeply linked, but too often, not realized, or fully lived.

Maybe, about now, you’re musing over how highly unusual it might seem, for something of this nature to be written on a website about Arabian horses.

If so, you’d certainly be right.

…But here’s the thing…this is the “El Ow’Rah Arabian Horse” website.

So, it’s important for us and to us, to hold and share what we stand for, what we believe in, and what we know can actually have lasting value for the Arabian horse, Arabian horse enthusiasts, as well as activating and enhancing other passions in life.

For example….


Photo: Courtesy of Flickr.com

The meaning of El Ow’Rah is: “The Luminous”

In essence El Ow’Rah Arabian Horses means: “The Luminous Arabian Horses”.

We want to be a light in the window for you: A link that can represent support and mentorship for you and Arabian Horse Dream, regardless of the level you are pursuing.

Plus more… an extension of greater awareness, such as:

El Ow’Rah Time
El Ow’Rah Rest
El Ow’Rah Love
El Ow’Rah Sharing
El Ow’Rah Learning
El Ow’Rah Awakening
El Ow’Rah Relationships
…because life is meant to be “Luminous!!!”

Sometimes it’s a challenge and chancy, to be so open, about how important sensitivity and awareness is. To.Grow.An.Ongoing.Quality.Of.Life.!

It seems that too much honesty scares some folks… and others, they think your weak because of it.

What do you think?

But, of all the challenges in life, it just may be, that allowing a level of appreciated sensitivity and awareness to shine through, can be a fantastic, healthy, and holistic blessing to self, and others around us, …including the horses.

…And, by the way, my point of view is not: Arabian horses, or the highway.

I respect everyones personal choice of equine breed. After all, I’m a very, very firm believer, that only a rare few are meant to partner with an Arabian horse.

I’ll share more about that at a later time.
It is OK to be honest, right…

So, I hope you’ll stay with me, while I share just a bit more about challenges, and varied levels of sensitivity and awareness.

As an Arabian horse owner, trainer, and yes, “Professional Life Coach”: I’m obligated, committed, and glad of it.

…I’m glad for the sensitivity and awareness levels displayed by Arabian horses, as well as the enthusiasts who support, and preserve them.

“Being Present,” …is important.

Nearly 50-years with Arabian horses has taught us all, that sensitivity and awareness is two of the greatest and most beautiful traits available in relationships: Inside and outside of the barn.
The sensitivity and awareness of the Arabian horse, is a wonderful asset, and a life force of valued and meaningful communication, between horse and person.

The wonderful and powerful thing is: Such attentiveness, and life force communication, can easily transfer into the life of human counter parts:

Arabian Horse Enthusiasm
The list is as long as lifetime experiences…imagine that.

That’s why the popular saying, (paraphrased): “The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a person.”

The benefits are many, that’s for certain.

My experience has been, that the type of beauty an Arabian horse can add to life, goes well beyond being skin deep.

That’s why, horses are often professionally utilized to a great advantage, for both human physical and emotional therapy.

And as most of us know, that’s why it’s a preferred means of relaxation and recreation for 100’s of thousands of riders, showmanship, 4-H, breeders, endurance competition, etc…

If you’re a strong enthusiasts, you know what I mean.
If you’re a new seeker, get ready for an “Ow’Rah” experience!

Thank you for traveling with me to this point. I pray there were some tidbits of worth to you: Maybe not necessarily new, but gentle reminders…

Now, as you’re aware, there’s no reasonable way, to present a full picture to you, of “Who Lives Here or The Fullness of Our Philosophy”, on this page alone.

So we hope you’ll visit our entire site to learn more.

So, to wrap it up, you can see that our basic philosopy is about a form of empathy in hopes of deep and clear communication.

In essence, “Empathic Arabian Horsemanship” is the core foundation at El Ow’Rah Arabians.

This is so, because learning should always be pursued, enjoyment is a gift, and being in tune with your Arabian horse is beyond words.

Thank You For Being Our Guest.
Below We Have Addition Resource References For You, plus that BIG SURPRISE that I mentioned earlier.

Meanwhile, for your addditional enjoyment, here’s an another (short::: 2. min 57 seconds) video by Diego Pelusas that you can relax with… if you like riding the trails as much as we do.

The title: “What A Wonderful World”
Musical Cover by Brett Vanderzee
Ray Hill
Owner and Trainer
El Ow’Rah Desert Arabian Horses

“Lock Into Your Dream, Take Action, And Succeed”


Thank you for being our guest.

P.S.S.: As we are currently under Reconstruction, all links are not yet activated.

Please be encouraged to walkabout, and discover if our El Ow”Rah Arabian Horse site, might be a website that you’d like to be a part of, and maybe, an Article Contributor.

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