C: * Who Lives Here *

…a short letter of Introduction.



In most cases, if we’ll notice, there’s usually some uncertainty about who’s who and what’s what, when folks first meet.

I’d guess that to be normal in some cases.

At other times, it’s as if, you’ve known each other for a life time.

Very often, Arabian horseman and enthusiasts, saddle up, and  move right on to the next level. It’s a trait we learn from our horses, who normally make friends, as if they’ve never meet a stranger.

I like that, and so do Arabian horse: Owners,  breeders, trainers, and riders on all levels… the largest percentage at least, -but yes, grumps do show up on occasion: I’ve been guilty of that myself…

However, until we might meet in person, I’d like to share a few items today, that can give you some valued insight about the inner circle of passion at El Ow’Rah Arabians.

Now, it’s ok for some folks, but I’ve personally never been comfortable about writing an “About Us”page.

Go figure,

But I am willing to redirect certain information, be more open, more specific, and entitle it: ‘ Who Lives Here ‘

So, let’s get to it…

Take Clear Action and Move Forward

The first Arabian horse I ever saw, was a mare, standing alone, in a very early morning fog.

She was as black as coal, and seemed well suited and comfortable, with being tucked away in the blanket of haze…

My camera clicked.

She bolted in place. Her tail raised and her neck arched. Her ears pointed directly to my position.

She snorted briskly, like a trumpeter calling to troops, for a charge.

As her nostrils flared and her eyes widened, every muscle in her body was flexed. She was pumped and ready for a fight or flight,… or to know more.

Suddenly, I was taken off guard.

Two more mares, leaped from the low cloud. The cloud that was cool and braced the skin. The cloud that hung heavy with crystal droplets.

…The cloud that cloaked their pasture, but didn’t conceal me, from their innate and intuitive senses!

All three of these mares were instantly alert, replenished, and invigorated.

Yet, they were at peace with my presence. That acceptance, touched my heart, and I needed that.

As their pulsating nostrils continued to sense the air, they lowed their heads in unison, and muzzled the damp, lush grass. – I sat in stillness, and in deep, deep, appreciation.

Their beauty was overpowering.
Their slow motion and confident grazing was like floating dancers.

In unison and in a magical rhythm, they danced that slow motion graze. Their easy pace, complimented the awakening song birds in the nearby forest

I was very, very pleased to be present and welcomed into their peaceful seclusion. To be experiencing and absorbed a living art form, …of dance and tune, that seemed created in Genesis.

Yes, that was me in 1967, …after my part in the war.

That was me, observing Arabian horses in a fogged and remote  pasture…

Me, in search of a way out, out of my own fog… a fog which surrounds so many, when the human race is at odds with its self.

By 1968, my new bride and I had moved through the Gate Way To The West,  purchased land in Missouri, and El Ow’Rah Arabians was established.

Seasons have faded, yet leap-frogged us into the future.

We relocated from Missouri to Arkansas, and then to the Miami Valley of Ohio.

Along the journey, family, honest friends, and Arabian horses have been our best companions.

Everyone has benefited.

…But in all honesty, my personal fog has not completely dispersed. Does it for anyone,  ever? I can’t imagine how…

But, I will share this.

Everyday since the black mare and her friends allowed me into their world, …much of my inner world, has known a personal “Pasture of Peace.”

And, because such peace is a euphoric experience, EOA, has been dedicated to the preservation of the Arabian horse, for nearly five (5) decades.

I’m personally replenished and invigorated daily, by among other things: The spirit, grace, and empathic depth of the Arabian horse.

Today, 48-years after a wondrous insight, El Ow’Rah Arabians continues as a small breeding and training farm, located within the Miami Valley of Ohio.

What about those photos I took during that first early morning fog, so long ago,. Photos of living antiquities blanketed by a cleansing nature, and in a symphony with other creatures of the dawn…

That film was lost while being developed…

But by the grace of God, that most beautiful experience was etched in my being. Into my every cell.

Even now, those blessed images, dance with grace, among the memory banks of my mind.

Through time, we’ve been blessed with knowing an extended encore of the Arabian horse.

Horses That Drink The Wind

These are horses that do their share, in dispersing, the fog of daily challenges. Fogs like  each of us uniquely experience.

Now, generations after that first foggy morning camera click… along comes a very similar spirit: A flash-forward in the flesh. A continuing friendship in the present. One that I’m very, very pleased to experience and share.

.… Such as El Ow’Rah Moriah, and her two friends RB Diah and El Ow’Rah Mahala. Here they are, in a recent snap shot, taken in a light, early morning fog.

Image 7-30-16 at 7.06 PM (1)

El Ow’Rah Moriah (Ali Saareef x Fa Shaba). Moriah is a black, Purebred Straight Egyptian, Arabian mare. She is Pure-In-The-Strain,  Hadban (VENUS)

Image 7-30-16 at 6.55 PM

RB Diah & El Ow’Rah Mahala: (Purebred Arabian Mares)

They’re standing near a mix of Blue Spruce, Maple, Willow, Cotton Wood, and Oak: While being serenaded by a couple of cooing Doves.


Where to from here:

  • Let’s Renew and Strengthen Our Vision
  • Recognize The Fog
  • Take Focused Action
  • …and, Move Forward To Succeed

…and now you know, a small bit, about “Who Lives Here.”
We hope you visit often, to learn more.


Ray Hill
Owner & Trainer
El Ow’Rah Arabians

Lock Into Your Dream. Focus. Take Action. Succeed.”

P.S. Thank You For Being Our Guest

We hope you accept our invitation to Join-Up, and become a Charter Member of “Arabian Horse Paths.”